Mrs Nancy Black aka Gilda-Nancy Horvath

Country of residence



Romani / Austrian


Artist, Journalist, Consulter, Culture Manager


Nancy Black / Gilda-Nancy Horvath
journalist, consulter on communications and projects, artist

Editor in Chief
Co-Founder of record label for Romani music:
First Album of Nancy Black is online now: #Itunes #spotify:

Nancy Black is the artist alter ego of Gilda Horvath – produced her first song in Dec 2016 after being threatened and bashed by people who had spread fake news about Roma in the media: They claimed that all Roma in Austria would give their support to the far-right candidate at the Presidential Elections in Austria on Dec 4 2016.Horvath protested against this kind of manipulation and became target of hate speech and defamation after that. Her rasping Trushula was a clear answer. This was the day Nancy Black was born.
Nancy Black is also producing video mixes, video installations and digital/visual art and writing texts and poetry with a strong connection to the language Romanes and the situation of Romani people.

Especially the tracks #trushula #dosta #presidenturja and lobbying are dedicated to the activistic cause. her first Album is online now:
Gilda-Nancy Horvath – artist, journalist, project-manager, communications consulter
She started her career in grassroots projects for the Romani community in Vienna, Austria. Soon she started working for the Austrian Public National Broadcaster ORF. Beyond her job she wrote many articles for the Romani cause and worked/cooperated with many international projects connected to Romani activism, art and politics.
After 10 years in front and behind the camera at ORF she started educating and qualifying young Romani people in her project: “”.
Since 2013 she is member of the Romani Dialogue Platform of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, consulting and discussing the implementation of #RomaStrategy2020.