Nadir Redzepi

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Nadir Redzepi, born in 1963, is a Macedonian Roma. He holds a degree in Sociology from Corvinus University. Previously, he served as Senior Program Manager at Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma, an Open Society Foundations’ program from 2010-2015. He managed a portfolio of seven countries, providing technical assistance and capacity building interventions for accessing European Union funds, facilitating cooperation and institutional dialogue at the local level, and mobilizing civil society networks for advocating on behalf of Roma inclusion policies at the national level. Mr. Redzepi has extensive experience in Roma policies and initiatives, including Roma children’s education, Roma participation in policy design and policymaking, and the use of EU funds for Roma policy implementation. Prior to joining the Open Society Foundations, he was Executive Director of the Roma Democratic Development Association – Sonce in Tetovo, Macedonia (2004-2009). As a representative of Roma civil society organizations, he also was chosen as a delegate to the National Working Group that was formed as part of the Decade of Roma Inclusion initiative in Macedonia. Mr. Redzepi has served as a member of the Board of the Roma Education Fund (2007-2014) and shortly a member of the board of Roma Initiative Office at Open Society Foundations (2008-2009). Over the years, he has acted as an analyst and researcher, evaluator and trainer for the Council of Europe, the United Nations Development Programme, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Minority Rights Group and Open Society Institute, to name just a few. He has published a number of articles on Roma issues and he is presently an active member of the Alliance Group of the European Roma Institute (ERI).