Mr Muamed Malikovski

Country of residence





Student/Fashion designer


I started my academic life in 2013 as a law student. Studying law and right before the end of graduation, I decided to follow the voice of my heart and set out on the path to achieving my dreams and ideals. Thus, in 2019 I enrolled at the University of Shtip, in the program for textiles and fashion design. As a freshman for the second time in my life, but this time as a student of fashion design, my main goal, main preoccupation and greatest love is fashion creation and fashion illustrations. Thanks to ERIAC and their grant to support young Roma artists, I finally have the opportunity to turn this passion and love into my own business, so that I can formally and professionally engage in fashion design, while ensuring my own livelihood. The project I am currently working on is called “Fashion design of traditional Roma women’s clothing”, which should be realized with the help and grant of ERIAC. If the project is successfully implemented, in the future I plan to expand the business with women’s wedding dresses, men’s suits and men’s ready-to-wear fashion. I also plan to finish my studies and improve in this profession, so in the future I can support all those young Roma intellectuals and enthusiasts too, whose greatest passion and love is culture and art. The meeting with ERIAC is a great blessing for me, thanks to which today I can talk and think about the realization of all my plans and biggest dreams.