Mr Ljuan Koko

Country of residence





political science


• Date of graduate: 1985
• Name of the institution: Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade
• Department: Social and political studies
• Qualifications: Higher education/ Bachelor degree
• From 1986 – 1999 – RTS – RTV Priština:
• From 2004 – 2009 RTS – Radio Beograd: Translator for Romani language; Show host for Romani language program; editing and reporting on Roma and Serbian language at home and abroad.
• From 2009 – 2011 Ministry for Human and Minority Rights: Chairman of the Office for monitoring and implementation of the Strategy for the improvement of the position of Roma; Managing the work of the Office led by Serbian presidency of the Roma Decade during the 2008/09.
• From 2005 – 2018: Editor and translator; Magazine „Romano Nevipe“ and children’s magazine „Čavrikano Nevipe“.
• 2017 and 2018. koauthor of textbooks for teaching Romani language with elements of national culture for the first cycle of education (1-4).
• Director of documentary movie about suffering of the Roma people in Jasenovac concentration camp “A ti, Bože, preživi”
• Co-author of several books about suffering of Roma during the World War II
• Participant in many international conferences about Roma Holocaust.
• 2017 – 2018. Menager project “Introduction of the Roma language with elements of national culture in primary schools in Serbia”, which is financed by the European Union Delegation in Serbia