Mr Ismael Cortés Gómez

Country of residence



Roma, Kalo


Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr. Ismael Cortés is a cultural theorist and philosopher. Currently holds a postdoctoral position at the Central European University. He studied literature, anthropology and philosophy at the University of Granada and obtained an MA. He continued his studies at the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy where he gained his PhD on Conflicts and Development Studies with an international award. His research interest focuses on the interelation among law-culture-politics, by analyzing how ideologies constitute institutional norms and action programs. During his academic career, Ismael has been a visiting researcher at the School of Critical Theory of Nottingham, the Institute for the Study of Peace and Conflicts in the International University of Andalusia and the Institute of Human Rights Bartolomé de las Casas in Madrid. He has worked as a policy analyst for OSF from 2016 to 2018 both with the Budapest and the Brussels office. He collaborates with different media at national and European level with publications in HuffPost, Le Monde Diplomatique, Euractiv or El País among others. As an activist his main work focuses on cultural and political minority rights. He has several academic publications on the idea of a New Humanism within the UNESCO and the contribution of Diasporas to re-write a New Narrative for the EU in times of resurgent nationalism. The combination of research and activism in the areas of political and cultural rights made him to be part of several projects Europewide.