Mrs Gabi François Xavier Jimenez Lopez Gimenez

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Plasticien, Artiste peintre


Gabi Jimenez is a French painter and artist … and gypsy. Citizen committed to the memory of the tragedy of the Gypsies in France during and after the Second World War, his paintings are exhibited throughout France and Europe.Gabi Jimenez’s paintings are painted in bright, singing colors, drawings with traces surrounded by black, stylizing the culture of Travelers and never reducing it to simple clichés. Behind the swarms of detail and delight at first glance, however, lies a completely different truth: that of a shameful story of discrimination, violence, hatred, and expulsion. A history still current since the aftermath of the Second World War.In 2016, the work “Caravan under two cypresses”, already noticed at the Venice Biennale in 2007, is exhibited in San Sebastian (Spain), European Capital of Art, during the exhibition “Tratado de Paz” On the representation of peace, and among more than 300 works by artists such as Goya, Rubens, Murillo, Picasso, Ribera, Sophie Ristelhueber …Gabi Jimenez is president of a French association defending the rights of gypsies. He employs 5 employees.