Mr Emil Metodiev

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Project Manager & Freelancer in Photography


I have been working in the field of Roma issue since 2003 when I first was introduced to different training and seminars related how to work in an NGO and most particularly attended a long-term training course on Leadership & Management, organised by PAKIV European Fund, financed through World Bank. In 2004 I entered one of the largest pro-Roma national organisation dealing with Roma related issues. In 2007 together with some fellows of the Leadership & Management training course I created a Pro European Network dealing with Human Rights, Gender and Intercultural Dialogue. Meanwhile I obtained my Bachelor degree in Business Administration. For the last 5 years I got passion in Photography. Due I am dancer of Salsa I got inspired to photograph talented dancers, their poses and uniqueness on the stage. I enrolled in Photography as second degree and realised that I can do so much within the social aspect of photography. So last year I started my own project related to diversity, photo project not only related to Roma, but with a focus on it. I’ve began to do portraits of Roma people in frame crossing their 4 major inners. The project is called the Inner Me and portraits the hidden soul of people outlining them in different clothes related to what they think is inside them. I’ve started another project related to kids and the pop culture surrounding us. But through the pop culture such like Marvel movies I got inspired by another world wide photographer to do the same here.