Elana Resnick

Country of residence

United States






I am a cultural anthropologist and assistant professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I specialize on issues of race, labor, white supremacy, and resistance/refusal in Europe. I have worked for many years with Romani activists, poets, and artists in Bulgaria and hope to continue these partnerships. I am currently conducting historical research for my book, about the history of state socialist surveillance of Romani activists, artists, cultural producers, writers, and intellectuals. This work is important to my broader ethnographic project on how longstanding racial hierarchies take shape within the era of EU accession and expansion. My book in particular focuses on how EU sustainability initiatives, couched as “progressive” reforms, actually function to create a new EU-era race regime.

My book is inspired by the work of many Romani activists, writers, and cultural producers. I am dedicated to citing their work and promoting their contributions as foundational to all work I do and publish. I am attaching my CV and a recent article I published. My book manuscript is still in process.