Mr Denis Nanciu

Country of residence





1. I have graduated the Dimitrie Paciurea Arts High-school in Bucharest, Romania, with a specialization in painting. As a student, I have taken part in various national painting contests, where I received first and honorary distinction. I have worked as a restorer for sculptures and a mausoleum and enjoy carrying out diverse artistic projects. During high-school I started volunteer work for Civic Union of Young Roma in Romania, where I took part in work groups with members of other Roma organizations and with decisionmakers. In addition to this, I took part in the projects of the National Center for Roma Culture Romano Kehr, where I contributed with paintings to five of their exhibitions. In 2017, I received the excellence award granted by Romano Kehr and Pro Europa Roma Party for my contribution to the artistic field. Pesently, I am continuing my studies at the National Arts University, as well my activities as a roma activist. At the same time, I recognize racism aound me and feel that I need to do my best to change people’s views that can be not only hurtful, but damaging, aggressive and even tagic, as seen in the recent period in cases in Ukraine and Italy.