Mrs Coco (Antonia) Reyes

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Artista, actriz,bailaora y bailarina


Coco Reyes. Gitana from Granada, Spain.
Descendant of a family dedicated to the art and trade of antiquities.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors in the final project) at the University of Granada. BBAA Alonso Cano Faculty.
First degree in Art History from the University of Granada.
Diploma in Dramatic Art; William Layton Theater Laboratory. Madrid.
With extensive training in the performing arts, dance and flamenco, she is a multidisciplinary artist.
Her professional career extends as an actress; cinema, tv (national and international) theater, dance-theater, in the latter working the current of Pina bausch. Creator the flamenco festival “Tauro Pua”, her knowledge has been valued to become a member of the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco as an expert in the field to select the director of the Junta de Andalucía (2019). It is the first time that a gitana is part of this commission.
At present it is with a theatrical production “clavel enajenado” on poems by Federico García Lorca.
She teaches theater classes to gitanas through the Gitano Secretariat Foundation.
With a strong commitment and love towards their race and culture, one of their objectives is for society to know the hi Commitment that she expresses with her drawings, paintings, illustrations and performances.
The reading of her work is based on her race, in the defense of feminism and the empowerment of gitanas
One of her latest works is the short film “laya, plata gitana”(2020) She premier as a director, screenwriter, prod