Mr Charles Newland

Country of residence

United Kingdom






Charles Newland is a Romani Gypsy film director based in Nottingham, UK. He is the founder of film collective Notown Productions and an original member of the IRFC. His work has been featured by BBC, VICE, BFI, and The Guardian, and his films have been screened at a variety of international film festivals, including Berlin Director’s Lounge and Borderlines Film Festival. Charles began his career working in avant-garde and experimental film. Recently, he has been making documentaries for the Rural Media Company/Travellers’ Times Magazine.

As my career has prgressed in film directing and producing, I have been working with other members of the GRT community to make shorts, documentaries, and eventually features on the subject of Romani life, from contemporary stories of British Romani athletes to the commemoration of the Roma Holocaust. Many of these have been screened internationally. In late 2019, I directed and edited a short film project for UK charity FFT (Friends, Family, and Travellers) where we travelled across the breadth of the UK to interview various subjects on the topic of Roma and Traveller activism, this series has been released on social media in the latter half of 2020. In August 2020 I was awarded a grant by ERIAC to produce some films on the effect of the global pandemic on the GRT community in the UK.