Mrs Cecilia Woloch

Country of residence

United States




I am a US-born writer and educator. Among my nine published books is “Tsigan: The Gypsy Poem,” a book-length poetic meditation that intertwines my personal journey of identity with the larger forces in the world that have shaped the fate and fortunes of the Roma people; it focuses, not only on my search for a lost part of my family history, but on the brutal exclusion and erasure of Roma people throughout history, and particularly during the genocide of World War II. Originally published in 2002, a new edition of “Tsigan,” issued in 2018, has brought the time-line up to date and expanded the text to encompass the ongoing struggles of the Roma people, especially in Europe, in the midst of a rising tide of xenophobia and against the background of historical distortions and erasures. Human rights activist Stephen D. Smith has called this new edition of Tsigan, “A lyrical journey through history and memory so beautiful that at times it belies the deep pain it represents.” The text has been the basis of multi-media presentations in the U.S. and Europe and has become my “signature” work.