Mrs Beatrice Hamblett

Country of residence

United States


Irish/English ancestry




BEATRICE HAMBLETT is a fine-art photographer living and working in the USA and Greece. The Embassy of Greece in Washington, DC and New York City have exhibited her photographs, as have numerous galleries in both the US and Greece over the past 15 years. Recently, she successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to support her book: Daily Bread: Stories from Rural Greece a collection of photographs and stories culled from 10 years of road trips through Greece. She is a recipient of a Projects Grant from the Washington DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities (CAH) that helped make possible Daily Bread. Hamblett is now working on a book called 1000 Years and Counting, a collection of photographs and stories about Roma in settlements throughout Thessaly, Greece. The project for the book is ongoing and will grow to include Roma settlements in Romania and North Macedonia.

Hamblett has always written as well as photographed. Earlier in her career, she was a regular contributor of stories to DanceMagazine, American Way, Voyager, Instructor, and Point Magazine of American Ballet Theatre. For 13 years, she was editor-in-chief at Columbia University Center for Information Technology where she wrote and edited publications about the use of computers in academia. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Non-fiction Writing from Columbia University, New York, NY.

Previous Book
Daily Bread: Stories from Rural Greece; Publisher: Studio Spark Publications; first edition, 2015