Mr. Barica Emanuel

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My Name is Emanuel and I’m a Self-taught artist. I’m from Romania and I’m 25 years old.I’ve been living In Berlin for 6 years. I began making art at the age of 15 with little understanding of the art World. Back then, I compared my work only to my earlier work,wich is a safe place to build confidence. I’ve been drawing portraits and caricatures. Later on coming to Berlin I developed my art by meeting artists from around the the world in Berlin. I vouluntiered at Amaroforo in a Position of multiplier (Designing Flyers,hosting Workshops such as how to draw, how to make a Comic,educating youth on how to create stencils and to print them on different surfaces. i underwent a project called ‘Know your identity trough the art’ the goal of this project was to create Roma Empowerment in their herritage t, rough artistic expression, .I also took Part in the anual comemoration on the Roma genocide in different places in Europe such as Awschitz, Buchenwald and Ravensburg.
During these Events i got to meet Holocaust surviver Rajmond.
From hearing his Stories i became inspired as both of artist and Roma activist.
I created a graphic nouvel wich is called ‘The night of the Violins’ the Story Focus on the lifes of 3 Roma brothers who were musicians whom are taken from Romania to the Concentration Camp of Awschitz.
Aditionally another graphic nouvel of mine is entiteld ‘Birds with broken wings’ this work mean a lot to me because of what happened during the Holocaust