The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) is excited to announce the upcoming publication “Bury Me Standing,” which will feature the work of several contemporary Romani artists from across Europe. The publication is the result of a research project conducted in partnership with Radu Sticlea, with support from the Culture Moves Europe Programme.


The research project focused on exploring the participation of Romani artists in major art exhibitions and the challenges they face in gaining visibility and recognition for their work. Through this research, several common themes emerged, including the lack of representation of Romani artists in major art exhibitions, the importance of digital platforms for promoting their work, and the need for greater support and resources for Romani artists.


The “Bury Me Standing” publication will provide a platform for these artists to showcase their work and challenge stereotypes and prejudices through their art. The publication will feature a diverse range of works, including films, paintings, and theatrical performances, all of which highlight the unique perspectives and experiences of Romani artists.


One of the artists featured in the publication is Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, a Polish-Romani visual artist, sculptor, painter, educator and activist. Another artist featured in the publication is Alina Serban, a playwright and actress who has been using theatre to challenge stereotypes and promote greater understanding of Romani culture. Eugen Raportoru, a painter who has been exploring themes of identity and belonging through his work, is also featured in the publication.


The “Bury Me Standing” publication is a celebration of the rich and vibrant Romani culture in Europe, and a testament to the many talented Romani artists who are creating important and groundbreaking works. ERIAC is proud to support these artists and to provide a platform for their work to be seen and appreciated by a wider audience.


The publication will be available in March 2024, and we encourage everyone to support the work and progress of this project. We hope that this publication will contribute to greater recognition and visibility for Romani artists, and help to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Romani culture across Europe and beyond.


Inquiries: Radu Sticlea – radu@pluseast.com