Mr Stefan Simoncic

Country of residence





President of association and social enterprise


Epeka is organization active on the fields of culture, arts, youth, volunteering, social entrepreneurship, non-formal education, active citizenship, ecology and humanitarian work.
In the past we have collaborated by the title European Capital of Culture, European Capital of youth and by Venice bienalle.
Till now we have organised over 80 exhibitions in our premises of Gallery Epeka in Maribor, over 100 concerts of diffrent music styles, collaborated in over 200 EU funded projects as coordinators or partners. We have published also several catalogues and publications.
As active organization on the field of Culture we have established new title European Capital of Roma. Goal is that one European city would become for one calendar year European Capital of Roma. In that city several events would take part: educational, cultural, sports and other kind. Events would be local, national and international. Thr main focus would be to increase cultural tourism, invent new kind of cultural products and improve Roma living with the promotion of Roma cultural heritage.

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