Mr Srdjan Amet

Country of residence







– Over 5 year working experiences in Emergency field (Kosovo Crises and Refugee Crises in Macedonia)
– Over 15 years of experience in civil society development, capacity building (needs assessment, training preparation and delivery, mentoring and facilitation) citizens participation, child protection & children Rights, community development, good governance, youth development and grand giving.
– On the thematic of: Civil Society Development, Capacity Building, Grand Giving, Institutional and Organizational Development, Integration (minority groups (exp. Roma), Education, Human Right, Children protection & Children Rights, Citizens participation, Community Development, Emergency field, Good governance, Monitoring and Evaluation
– Over 5 years leading multi-medial project – Social cohesion between Roma and non-Roma (Roma Jazz Music) – De Caravan (Belgum, Slovakia and Macedonia)
– Development and delivering more than 500 training on Education of young Roma and non-Roma for the Roma Genocide during the 2 World War. Trainee more than 2000 young Roma and non-Roma onn European level.
– Excellent knowledge of: English, Macedonia, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and intermediate level of Bulgarian. Native language Romanes (Roma ethnicity)