Mrs Erika Lakatos

Country of residence



Interdisciplinary Visual Artist Creative Mentor


“Besides the wild and rampant proliferation of images, colors, and shapes in her work, the photographer’s individual mode of composition is also particularly her own. In my opinion, Roma Icons will or maybe an event in Hungarian photography that helps promote dialogue between the two cultures, does not often occur in Hungarian photographic art and as such, is exemplary. Awarded the title of Photographer of the Year in 1997 in Washington, Ms. Erika Lakatos demonstrates subjectivity with novelty and quality an approach we have been waiting for, for a very long time.”

Kincses Károly photomuseologyst

I am an interdisciplinary visual artist, singer and a creative mentor. I taught art in New York for seven years for disadvantaged children. I was also a Soros creative mentor for several years. I am the founder of “Art, Tolerance and Equality” contemporary Romani art program which was the first expected Romani art program by Dr.Júlia Fabényi the executive contemporary director of Ludwig Museum and every year I was I am collaborating with László Hemrik the director of contemporary art education. I created the “Young Women Empowerment Workshop” for personal growth and interactive workshops. I use art therapy as a method to help remove their emotional and mental blocks, in order for them to reach their fullest potentials and goals, one of my main goals is to empower the next generation and to empower Romani women.