ERIAC Serbia Internship Programme

Thanks to a partnership with Roma Education Fund Serbia, ERIAC Serbia is extremely pleased to welcome 5 INTERNS, who will be working with us until the middle of August. The Interns will support the development of ERIAC’s international hub, which strives to promote the activities of hundreds of Roma organisations, intellectuals and artists, forming multilateral initiatives and regional alliances, and connecting them with the policymakers and leaders at the national and European levels.


The Interns will be provided with research opportunities in connection with the Roma contemporary arts and culture scene in Europe, and they will gain practical training in project management. Our interns come from different parts of Serbia, from a range of backgrounds, but all with a strong motivation to help to nurture and further develop Roma culture.


Aleksandra Aleksandrovic

Journalist, ethnomusicologist, and drama pedagogue



Bratislav Mitrovic

Student of final year at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of technical science,
department of Graphical engineering and Design


Jasmina Ristic

Student of psychology at the Faculty of philosophy, peer educator and Roma activist


Dragan Maric

Academic artist, tattoos and body art artist


Mirjana Sulejmanović

Pharmaceutical technology engineer