Mr Zoran Tairović

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Academic painter


Zoran Tairovic
Date of birth: August 16, 1966
1992 Academy of Fine Arts, University of Novi Sad (ACIMSI), graphics & painting
2006 Master Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Applied Arts Management
2015 PhD Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Applied Arts Management
Title: Academic of AFUN (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, Serbia)
Professional Experience
2008 – Founder of Intercultural Theatre
2013 – Founder and Executive Director of Albert Hall Museum for conceptual art in Bodvalenke, Hungary
2013 – Member of the Presidency and President of the Committee for culture of League of Roma
2015 -2016 – Adviser of Vice President RS for the Roma issues
2016 – Member of the City Team for Development of the Project “Novi Sad – City of Culture 2021”
2017 – Adviser for Roma Rights – UN Office for Human Rights
2017 – Member of the Committee for Research of Ethnicity – Serbian Academy of Science and Art
2017 – Founder of the State of Art
“The Romas – Legal and Political Dimension”, Juridical Faculty Belgrade
“Affirmation of Contemporary Productions in the realm of Roma Visual Arts” Anonymous Said:
“Roma Art”, School of Romology, University of Novi Sad (ACIMSI)
“Esthetical Discussions on Roma Art”, Center for gender Studies, Novi Sad
(more all included in the CV attached)