Mr Xhenson Cela

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Project Coordinator


I am Xhenson Cela, a resident in Albania of Roma background. Even though I am not a certified artist, I have developed several related skills and experiences in the field of art, culture, and history.

I am currently on the path of developing my expertise in writing graphic novels and illustrated comic books for social change, human rights, and entertainment. My purpose is to transpose academic papers into soft reading materials for a broader audience in a comics-style genre. For that end, I have completed two online courses, and one
interactive workshop at the Central European University by Tony Lee, a professional comic writer
for DC and Marvel Studios. Regarding my professional experiences, I want to highlight a few.
In April 2019, I held the curator’s position of the exposition of 1000 years of Roma history. The activity was supported by the United Nations Development Programme in Albania to celebrate the yearly event of Romani day.

From 2013 – 2015, I worked as the Communication Officer and Online Community Radio Manager at
the Institute of Romani Culture in Albania. I directed a live exhibition on the 8th of April 2015 by visually
presenting eight elements of the Roma culture performed by volunteers. Furthermore, I have
recorded the performances of each of the features and produced artistic podcasts. Whereas, On the
occasion of local elections, I have scripted a graphic novel with illustrations to raise awareness regarding the importance of elections.