Mrs Tamara Moyzes

Country of residence

Czech Republic




Artist and cirator


Tamara Moyzes (1975 *) is a Slovak artist, curator, and documentary filmmaker living and working in Prague. She uses art as a tool to activate society and to oppos neoconservative tendencies, criticizing the culture of political representation. She uses new media, most often video and performance in order to deal with topics such as xenophobia, racism, nationalism, queer and minority issues, and the conflict in the Middle East.

Tamara Moyzes advocates feminism. She founded the women’s art group “The 5th column “and the art group “Romane Kale Panthera / Roma Black Panthers”, which organize events on the border of political art and activism. Her art is a direct intervention in public space using her Artivism – where the author thematizes the activist efforts in the field of art.

Moyzes founded the “Artivist Lab” gallery as part of her Ph.D. studies in the Academy of Fine Arts Prague. The gallery is located at Hybernská Campus. The Hybernská Campus is a collaborative project of the Prague City Hall and Charles University. The central idea of the gallery is to connect interdisciplinary people who respond to social and political topics. Literally, it is a laboratory where exhibitions, discussions, workshops, and lectures are taken place. Where scholars, journalists, artists, and activists are gathering together in each exhibition. Her curatorial approach is committed to Creative Activism, Culture of resistance, Engaged Art, Participatory art, Socially engaged art, Community.