Mrs Sydnee Wagner

Country of residence

United States


Fort worth




I have a PhD in early modern English literature and culture from The Graduate Center, CUNY. My book project, Outlandish People: Gypsies, Race, and Fantasies of National Identity in Early Modern England, uses critical race theory, queer theory, affect theory, and biopolitics to focus on the construction of England’s white national project through the racist construction of the Gypsy and the biographical realities of early modern English Romani people. By focusing on notions of racial materiality, sexuality, and witchcraft, the monograph fleshes out the technologies of race-making employed in literary and visual representations of early modern Gypsies. When I’m not busy with academic projects, I enjoy plants and writing poetry. I am published in Quail Bell Magazine, Drunken Boat Journal, and Bettering American Poetry 2015 (among many other places! Check out the CV below).