Mr Stoian Atanasov Valkov

Country of residence



Bulgarian Roma roots from the father




Stoian – Atanasov Valkov creates an artist’s interpretation of the “Fate of the Gypsy” inspired by Roma people’s roots and their culture Through a collection of sculptures, paintings, reliefs, drawings, and sketches. Each unique resemblance exudes a mysterious lifestyle and nomadic existence from a segment of society that travels in the shadows of urban Europe. The use of bold sizes, shapes, media, color, patinas, and finishes all blend together to project Stoian’s history which mimics that of his subject matter. Born in a small, communal Bulgarian village, raised by working-village parents, sketching and painting throughout his school years, progressing to the University of Poland where he gained an exceptional education in fine art as well as an opportunity to teach, and then traveling to the United States to pursue his love for the arts have greatly expanded his experiences, peaked his imagination and readied him for a position in modern art history.