Silvija Nešić

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professor of music


Silvija Nesic was born on May 11, 1995. in Pirot, Serbia. He completed his master’s studies at the Faculty of Arts in Nis, Department of Music. Through her schooling, she researched Romani music, so through her final work she analyzed the work of Romani composer Zoran Mulić. During her studies, she was a member of various cultural and artistic sections and a participant in concerts, events and seminars aimed at music. She is an associate of the National Fire in Nis and plays in two plays: Gypsies Fly in the Sky and The Traveling Theater Shopalović. The Faculty of Arts in Nis presented her with a commendation for exceptional results during her studies. She worked as a conductor of the Red Choir of St. Jovan Zla tousti in Pirot and is a member of the Folklore EnsembleHouse of Culture in Pirot. B ila the trail with t activists in the Central Music School in Nis and in the Student Cultural Center in Nis.
She has been an activist and fighter for Roma rights since 2010. Through her work, she most often acted as an educator and author of workshops for girls and youth . Within the U gatherings of citizens Ternipe from Pirot, which is a member of the foundation, formed a folklore section, which aims to cultivate and promote Roma culture and traditions. She is also a collaborator of other Roma and non-Roma organizations such as Indigo, Roma Women’s Network, SRH, UNICEF, UN WOMEN, UNDP, UNHCR , Roma Students’ Initiative, Bibija, Women’s Space, Women of the South, Glas maninje and other