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Advisor in Public Relations Department, Cabinet of the President of the Republic of MaAcedonia


2015 Master degree, Turkish philology, University ”St. Cyri and Methodius ” 1998-2003 Script writer of children’s Newyear’s shows in Romani language, MTV
1994 – 2015 Journalist, anchor woman and editor-in-chief, Roma news department, Macedonian RTV
2004 Roma poetic gatherings-coordinator of the project, KUD Rusit Sakir
2005 Author of text on Roma self-government in Macedonia-book of German writer Peter Telen
2007 Trainer for journalists, Media training on Roma culture and tradition and ethic reporting,Belgrade,Council of Europe, Dosta campaign
2007 Author of poetry book (Romany-Macedonian)”The labyrinths of soul”
2009 Roma expert, campaign for antigypsism, anti-Semitism and islamophobia, Strasbourg and Paris, organized by the COE
2013 Conference on Roma in the Public Media by European Broadcasting Union, Prishtina, Kosovo, elected for member of Roma task force groups of EBU
2013 Author of the documentary ”The contribution of Roma in the contemporary Macedonian society”- Sumnal Skopje
2014 Author of documentaries on various topics such as ,, I’m a Roma girl,,
,,Roma women empowerment,, ,, Beneficiary centers for Roma elders”-
Association for development of Roma community Sumnal, Skopje
2014 Author of a book for Roma role-models in Macedonia, published by Sumnal Skopje
2016 Author of Analysis ‘Image of Roma in Macedonian Media’ Association 24 vakti, Skopje
2017 Author of Analysis ‘The impact of the national policies on the inclusion of Roma in Macedonia’