Sergei Snigur

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Freelance illustrator. History and art researcher


My name is Sergei, I’m 28 years old, from Russia. I’m a Rom and an aspiring freelance illustrator and researcher without professional art education.I was born with mixed two ethnic groups of Roma – Vlahi and the Crimean Roma community. Since I was a child, I’ve faced problems as Roma in social life, not only outside the Roma community, but also among it. When I joined social life in Russia like a Roma, I soon had problems getting a schooling, but I completed it. The first person in the family to graduate from high school. As for university education, I entered the history department at a local university, but due to lack of finances, I was soon forced to drop out. For most of my life, when asked by people about my identity, I shied away from this topic and even sometimes hid it when getting a job. In 2019, the head of our family passed away, my grandfather and these events had a certain influence and comprehension on me, I discovered my small family archive, from which my creative and research project began. In early 2020, I started combining visual historical memory with art and working in the direction of Art Collage. In my Art works, I emphasized the imposed communist way of life for my family – part of my family forced me to lead a sedentary lifestyle and work in Roma labor communities before the war, join the party and change national and linguistic traditions. All these events left a big mark on my family’s history and changed it forever