Peter Csicsai




Executive Director, Indigenous Economic Development


Peter Csicsai is a Romani leader, public policy and economic development strategist, and a business solutions leader.

He is the current President of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Romani Alliance, a non-profit advocacy organization focused on the promotion and protection of Roma peoples’ rights and interests in Canada and internationally.

Peter is also a public sector executive with extensive experience in working with Indigenous Nations in northwestern Canada with a focus on facilitating economic reconciliation and supporting resilient and self-determining Indigenous communities.

In his present role as Executive Director of Indigenous Economic Development in the British Columbia Public Service, Peter partners with Indigenous Nations to solve complex problems and facilitate opportunities in all sectors of the economy. Peter advances Indigenous rights and interests in the context of natural resource management in mining; clean energy development and decarbonization; integrating Indigenous values into ESG investment standards; facilitating internet connectivity and infrastructure development in Indigenous communities; and advancing opportunities for Indigenous trade.

Peter is currently pursuing an MBA in Global Executive Management at his alma mater – the Central European University in Vienna, Austria. He holds a Masters in Public Policy, a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology & Sociology and is also trained in negotiations and mediation.