Mr Oancea Mihai

Country of residence







Hi! My name is Mihai, I am 22 years old and I am from Arges County, Romania, since childhood i want to become an actor but unfortunately my situation wasn’t so good so i was “forced” to apply at one university wich doesn’t have an art profile so now i’m studing in Bucharest at the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Management in the third year.
When I camed in Bucharest i tried to find something wich can help me to make also some teatre arts, i find but i didn’t had money to participate.
In the third year of studing I found something on the internet, an annuncement in wich was wrotten : “The band Arthesium organizes courses of theatre” i searched and the fee was cheap( 25$ /month) I made a reservation, after 4 days i was called for interview, after the interview i received an email: ” You are accepted in our band”.
The courses were from October until May, in this period I was part in 3 plays ” He, she, we, you?” here i had an poetry and an monolgue about loneliness and despair.
Second play had the title ” The man with four faces” was at the Arth Theatre, in this one i was an corrupt barber, and the last one ” Crisis” i was a man who never doesn’t understand his wife.
This is my entire experience, thank you for your time.