Mr Milutin Jovanovic

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TV and Movie Director


MILUTIN JOVANOVIĆ (born 1970) is a film director who graduated from the TV Directing Department at BK University, Academy of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. In addition to his commercial work, Jovanović directed several documentaries dealing with the Roma community in Serbia. Jovanović is the founder of NeVO, a NGO that strives to improve the social inclusion and acceptance of the Roma communities by using media campaigns to propose a shift in their public image. He is also an executive director of the Belgrade-based video production company Golden Touch and has worked for the Serbian National Public Media Service RTS. Now, Jovanović lives and works in Berlin.

Through the work at the video production, he tackled the issues of Roma in Serbia and has also established cooperation with most significant organizations in the region, such as: OSCE, UNICEF, Red Cross of Serbia, OSI/NF Serbia, Roma Education Fund – REF and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – SDC. His serial of episodes on “Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005 – 2015” was broadcasted at the national TV company, RTS, and had a significantly notable publicity.
At the international level, he implemented more than ten projects until now dealing with the Roma inclusion in the area of health and education supported by OSF/ Roma Health Project, Rome Education Fund – REF and Council of Europe – CoE ROMED program. Projects implemented in Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Serbia and Bulgaria.