Krdos Cieslinski

Country of residence

United States


Bashalde Romani & Slavic


Artist (ceramicist, and illustrator), Social Worker


I grew up in Detroit, Michigan under American Culture in the 90’s. My grandparents were both Bashalde Vitsa, having escaped Maramaros before WW2. They assimilated into American culture as best as they could working bars, and nightclubs. They didnt teach my father or myself Romanes, but what they did teach us were community, music, and the trades. My father is a carpenter, and my uncles were violinists. I work primarily with clay. wood, and music.

For money, Im working to be a social worker with the hopes of opening a community based workshop filled with art resources and education provided by tradespeople. In the US, art programs are defunded without a second glance. Art is important not only to my personhood as a Rom, but also to my development and coping.