Mr Meshakai Wolf

Country of residence

United States


Artist & Filmmaker


Wolf makes digital paintings on canvas and watercolor paper using inkjet technology. He is interested in automata and the artist’s ability to insert oneself between the machine’s predetermined function and the artist’s creative vision.

He has an artistic foundation in photography, film and digital video with a focus on alternative methods of image manipulation and digital experimentation. In a desire to research tactility in photography he began an extensive exploration into the visual possibilities of Polaroids by means of hand manipulating the film during the developing process. His original technique led to a large series of artworks that have their influences in action painting.

His ongoing experimentation with optical feedback through the use of a digital video camera has led to a series of large-scale projections and digital paintings, prints and a book based on images extracted during the unique process.

His most recent feature length documentary film, Flames of God, on acclaimed Macedonian Roma poet and musician, Muzafer Bislim, won best film in Kosovo at the Rolling Film Festival and was the closing night selection at the 2011 Margaret Mead Film Festival at the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

His first film, Gussie, is an intimate portrait of his great-grandmother who lived to be 105 years old. The 50-minute film documents the last 5 years of her life as she transitions from independence in her Coney Island apartment to a full-time care facility on