Mr Mersud Selman

Country of residence







I was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1986 and was raised in a Roma neighbourhood as one of five brothers and one sister. My father Muret and mother Sevdina strived to make the best life possible for themselves and their family. I was a sensitive child. Me and my younger brother Ferdi went through school together. As a child I wanted to be a singer, but when my brother became interested in art, I also decided to follow the same path. The two brothers painted each other. My other brothers still live in Bosnia and work in metal recycling. I was six years old in 1992 when the Bosnian war began. I began to realize that I had talent. Our teacher, Mirza Ibrahimpašić encouraged us to enter the academy in Banja Luka to study art. My brother Ferdi and I waited until our sister Selma finished high school and in 2010, we all began together. When I finished my undergraduate arts degree, I moved to Budapest to enter the Roma English Language Programme at CEU. In 2016 my exhibition ‘Silence’ was shown at the university. Beginning in 2017, I began to receive invitations from cities all over Europe to exhibit my work. I had an Exhibition in Milan, then in Berlin. I was attracted by the vibrancy of Berlin and decided to move here.