Marina Chifflet

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Dancer and social worker


Over many years of training, meetings and travels, I have developed a plural dance, from Egypt to the Balkans. My repertoire allows me to adapt to a wide variety of musical styles: Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Balkans, Maghreb, Andalusia. I practice Gypsy/Roma dances since many years. In 2004, I began to take an interest and then followed several workshops in Turkish Roma and Egyptian Ghawazee dances, as well as the Manele dance of the Balkans, and the Kalbeliya dance from Rajasthan.
In 2017, I dances on stage with the prestigious Ekrem Mamutovic Orkestar from Serbia, for the 10th edition of the festival Welcome in Tziganie (France). In 2017, I began training in gypsy dance from Hungary, and also from Russia with Petia Iourtchenko. In 2019, I began working with the storyteller Sylvaine Terpereau, with whom I formed the french “Compagnie Levna”. Together, we have created two tales: “Le coeur de Levna”, a gypsy danced tale adapted from two traditionnal Roma tales, in 2019, and “Matriochka”, a Russian danced tale, in 2020. In 2021, I dance with “Nomadak” which proposes a repertoire of Roma musics and dances, from the Gypsy and popular traditions of the Balkans, but also of Turkey and Eastern Europe.
From 2006 to 2012, I was a member of the french association “Page Ouverte” which suported “the cultural development of people while respecting differences” and worked with the traveling families in the region of Nice (France).
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