Mrs Klara Lakatos

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Educator, Teacher, Contemporary Artist


Klára R. Lakatos, contemporary artist and teacher was born in 1968 in Csenger. She optained her degree in the cultural management department from the University of Pécs. She is currently defending her dissertation at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs, in a master programme of Pedagogy. Her thesis topic is: The effects of the Roma Mentor in educational institutions.
She started drawing in 1996. Her work is greatly influenced by the works of Károly Bari, Magda Szécsi and Károly Périor Béri (David Berry). Klára R. Lakatos, in her first period as an artist, created black pen drawings depicting trees, inspired by the poems of the poet Zsolt Csanya from Szolnok. Several of her works were exhibited. In 2007, she attended the Athe Sam Roma Art Festival at the group exhibition “Visual Creatures” and exhibited her work with a group of sunflower children she led. Her works were continuously published by the Roma magazines Amaro Drom, Kethano Drom and Lungo Drom, and in 2009 she had drawings in the newspaper True Word. In 2000, she published 15 of his works in the Life and Magazine, in an independent issue and numerous other magazines. In 2013, her works were exhibited in Sofia under the auspices of the Hungarian Institute.In October 2019, a joint exhibition of their works opened and in May her work was exhibited in Venice at the Biennale Arte. Since 1999 she has been holding fine arts and language classes for children and adults in educational institutions.