Mr Kefaet Prizreni

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Entrepreneur , Roma Rights Artivist


I was Born in Kosovo Prizren Former Yugoslavia 84 in a Roma Familie as the second Son after Hikmet Prizreni. At a Very young age me and my Brother got into Music Because of our Familie members who were Musicians and Made a living Out of it. First we Started to Cover our Fathers favourite Songs and Elder Cousins Made us dance to Mainstream 80’s Music. 89 My parents was Forced to leave everything Back and Run away from lynching and became Political Refugees and Seek for Asylum in Germany. Growing Up in Germany our Parents Allways Made it possible to Push us in the right direction to gain the Skills and our talents, so that the First Songs were Compossed very soon and Live Performer in Several Events and Happenings in and around Nord-Rhein Westfalen. It’s 2020 and im glad to say that we finally are Acknowledged as Fullblood Stage Artists and Profesionalles in the our Materia. We do Music in Many Languages and provide Originallity and truth in all our Work. For more Questions Hit me Up and i Explain the Odysee of our History.