Mr Kálman Janos Várady

Country of residence







Kálmán Várady

1958 Born in Hoffnungsthal, Germany
1979 – 1984 Study at the Art Academy of Cologne, Germany
Creative Painting
Student of Prof. Werner Schriefers
1986 Honour as „Meisterschüler“ by Prof. Werner Schriefers
Current Lives and works in Cologne, Germany

since 2013 presentet from the Galerie Kai Dikhas, Berlin.
Galerie for competeri Art of Sinti and Roma
Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz – Tel. 49(0)3034663643
1989 Gallery Sysyphos, West Berlin, Germany
1990 Birth of third child MARIA
Gallery Duna, Budapest, Hungary
1991 Birth of fourth child JANNA
1995 City Museum Siegburg, Germany
Exhibition Catalogue
2013 Galery Kai Dikhas Berlin, Gypsy Warriors
2014 Galery Display cologne – ROMAMOR
2015 Chambre d ami Munic – ROMAMOR
2015 Galery Kai Dikhas Berlin – La Familigia
1991 „Templo Amazonika”- Hagen Fabrik Cologne, Germany
1992 „Donau Orakel” – Vasarely Museum Budapest, Hungary
„Templo Youruba” – Hagen Fabrik Cologne, Germany
1993 „Voodoo agency Cologne – Society of united deities, Cologne, Germany
1997 „Free Tibet”, Germany
1999 „Muvez Club Budapest”, Germany
„Made in Cologne – Kalk”, Germany
„Theatre de sangre”, Germany
2000 „Art against racism – no to intolerance”, Germany
2007 „Magreb”- Art Club Cologne, Germany
2009 „Tortugas Dream” – Art mile Cologne, Germany
Plays ( writer / director )
2008/9 City museum of Cologne – „The forgotten Europeans – art of the roman –
roman in the art“, Catalogue