Mr jud nirenberg


roma (mixed)


government employee


A published writer and co-author of several books and articles about Roma politics, history, gender issues and culture as well as a novel. My past work, written mostly in English, has been translated and published in Serbian, Spanish and Polish. I have studied creative writing in workshops and courses at the University of Iowa and in writing groups and am a member of the International Romani Writers Association. I look forward not only to future creative writing but to co-authoring, editing and giving writing support, and to helping to promote the work of others.

I was a key speaker at the 2017 Baxt Award ceremony in the US and look for future opportunities to showcase the work of Roma artists, especially writers or those involved in less traditional media.

Outside of writing, I served Nicolae Gheorghe in the development and negotiation of the original OSCE Action Plan for… Roma and Sinti and was the drafter of many of the key recommendations regarding Roma cultural preservation and promotion, history and language.
As an OSCE officer and as the first staff of the ERTF, I presented Roma NGOs’ information and views in many intergovernmental forums on these same fronts. I look forward to collaborating on future advocacy to make sure that Roma history is brought to Roma and others and that Roma literature and arts are promoted and that access to our cultural products is fostered, especially in regard to Roma consumers.