Mr José Heredia Moreno

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Filmmaker, journalist


I was born in 1972 in Granada, Spain. Being son of José Heredia Maya (Roma-calé poet, playwright, scene-director, essayist, Literature Professor at the University of Granada, activist in the Roma cause…) as Gitano as he felt, he always made his family participants in the creation process, and so his learnings were passed to me.
University degree in Sociology, two years master in Political Science, graduate in Translation. In 1998, hoping for a more creative horizon, I abandoned the academic career, moved to Madrid and started making documentaries. Eversince:
Partner of Argonauta Producciones (
Director, writer and/or producer of 16 documentaries, broadcasted in the main TV channels in Spain and abroad.
Screenwriter for TVE and Antena3TV.
Scene director of three professional flamenco-theater plays.
Co-founder, manager and, later on, editor of “La Mirada Limpia”, a quaterly on arts and culture regarding the Otherness, with first line figures such as Antonio Tabucchi, Antonio García Baena, José Heredia Maya.
On a non-profit basis:
Author of “El amor y la ira”, documentary on antigipsy social and institutional harrasment in a Calé Ghetto. Selected by the Roma Archive.
General manager and scene director of Camelamos Naquerar (we want to talk), my father’s 1976 legendary Flamenco-Theater play, with Roma teenage flamenco musicians in four cities.
Advisor, Culture Comission of the “Consejo Estatal del Pueblo Gitano”.