Jesús Heredia-Carroza


Spanish Roma


Vice President of Fundación Pública de Estudios Universitarios "Francisco Maldonado" de Osuna// Patrono Escuela Universitaria de Osuna


Jesús Heredia-Carroza is Vice-President of Fundación Pública de Estudios Universitarios Francisco Maldonado de Osuna. This foundation manages and represents the “Escuela Universitaria de Osuna”, associated centre of Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.
The role of this instituion is very important in its region because it is located in a rural environment and contributes to the high education of the population which could also have a positive effect on discouraging rural despopulation. Likewise, it has its own Music Conservatory and next year will create its College of Arts and Design. At this moment, its strategy is focused on quality of educational services, create sinergies with other institutions which allow to promote internationally.

Jesús is the youngest founder member of Red Iberoamericana de Economía de la Cultura (RIEC), (Medellín, Colombia, 2017). His research interest are focused on Cultural Economics and Management, specifically in traditional popular music, festivals and spectators profiles. Currently, through interdisciplinary methods, he explains the relationship between copyright and perceived value of flamenco.

His researchs have been published or accepted for publication in renowned academic journals such as: Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society, Empirical Studies of the Arts (USA), Arbor (Spain), Kepes (Colombia), Trames. A Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Estonia) or Scientific Annals of Economics and Business (Romania), amongst othe