Hans Caldaras


Rom /Svensk


Sångare, artist, kompositör, författare, föreläsare, aktivist, debattör.


Hans Caldaras long career as a professional artist has rendered him a faithful audience since he started to work as professionell artist 1967, when he made his debut on record and in TV.
Hans Caldaras, born in Stockholm-Sweden, has historical roots in India, Romania and Russia, and belonging to the ethnic group ”Rom”. (Kalderash)

His reputation as a popular music artist in a swedish TV-serie resulted in a recording contract. The first Roma LP ”Romané Djilá” in the language Romanès in Sweden was released 1973.
Caldaras attracted attention, appeared on TV, and have maintained an extensive tour activity throughout the years. He knows what the word entertainment means.

Caldaras has done almost everything as an artist since his debut on stage at six. Thousands ofconcerts, musicals, theatre plays, festivals, many records and a variety of radio and television appearancies.

2002: With his biography ”In the eye of the beholder” Caldaras made his debut as an author. The book received lot of attention in Swedish media.
Caldaras write about his childhood and his family in a romany camp. His ancestors history and legacy. His artistic career and engagement for human rights for the Romany people and other neglected minorities.

Since he began his professional career as a singer at the age of 18, he has been active in human rights for the romany people and other exposed minorities and neglected group of people. To prevent discrimination, intolerance, violience and racism.