Gem Hall

Country of residence



British Romani




Gem Hall is an itinerant interdisciplinary artist of mixed Romani/British heritage currently based on the territory of the Musqueam, Squamish & Tsleil-Waututh people, known colonially as Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Gem is interested in creative work as a means of survival & language to express stories & songs of resilience, recovery, diaspora, de-assimilation & the magic of storytelling & witnessing. With a background in DIY/zine culture & queer & trans community organizing, they use illustration, textile work, writing, harp playing, tarot reading & plant medicines to hold liminal spaces between worlds & ways of being. Most of Gem’s creative work has existed outside of the confines and gates of the fine arts world, instead being shared in love letters, graffiti, self-published works, show posters, album covers, collective houses, living rooms, basements, backyards, abandoned army bunkers, coffee houses and also at events like craft fairs, zine fairs, queer dance parties & punk shows. These spaces are more important to Gem than any mainstream success as an artist. Gem illustrated the book Green Glass Ghosts written by Rae Spoon, which comes out Spring 2021 on Arsenal Pulp Press. The illustrations from the book are currently on display at the Pentiction Art Gallery, which is Gem’s first exhibition in a gallery setting.