Mr Fehér Elemér

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I was born in Gödöllő, Hungary, in 1991.My family had a number musician, but observing the narrowing artistic space after the political transformation, they not anymore chose music as a profession. I received a clarinet for Christmas at the age of eight, and this precious present proved to be life-changing. From this point onward, the path was straight to conservatoire. In 2011, when I gained admission to the program of Snétberger Music Talent Center, did not know yet that I would experience such high-impact encounters. Ferenc Snétberger and my jazz-giant teachers guided me into the world of freedom across styles and improvisation, where I permanently got lost. I pursue my BA in classical instrumental music performer. Playing with my master, Ferenc Snétberger in concerts home and abroad, participating in workshops of world-renowned artists, I immersed increasingly away in improvisation. I found myself a music culture being familiar from childhood that is inspired by the dissolution of formal constraints, free expression of emotions and high level of creativity. Besides playing in a clarinet quartet and jazz formations home and abroad, I had the opportunity to write music for poems, improvise under plays in theatre, work on the improimprovisational write-up of classical clarinet literature, and I feel fortunate to have some prestigious prize for some of them. Teaching and mentoring young, Roma talents of disadvantaged background are of equal importance to me.