Mrs Dejan Jovanović

Country of residence





educator, teacher of Roma language


Dejan Jovanović – is a school teacher, after finishing his studies he worked for some time in elementary school as a teacher of Roma language, engaged in painting, collecting folk Romani fairy tales and culture, writing poetry in Romany and Serbian language. He was born on June 15, 1992 in Zrenjanin, lives in Novi Bečej. He enrolled at the Visoko School of Vocational Studies for the Education of “Mihailo Palov” educators in Vršac, which he completed among the first as one of the best students. His dream is to study the Romany language. In addition, he is actively studying Roma history and culture, and plans to publish a book with fairy tales and authorial songs. In addition, he also deals with the collection of Roma sayings, blessings, curses and oaths.When it comes to painting, he should be interested in pastel painting, studying expressionism, impressionism and classical drawing of portraits. So far, he has had two exhibitions of paintings at the faculty where he studies one setting in the home of the culture of the peak. He has wide understanding and experience, worked as a speaker on a radio in the Romany language. His goal in life is to engage in art and help the Roma people through education, art, preserving culture and tradition. Currently, my colleagues and I are struggling to preserve Roma culture and language through the “barvalypa” school of leadership in the initiative of establishing a Roma cultural institution.