Dasha Grady

Country of residence



Roma – Middle Eastern and Asian


Actress and singer


Dasha Grady is a Romani actress of Middle Eastern origin. She made her debut in Ireland’s gypsy and jazz scene in 2018. In 2019 she toured in Greece and Spain with local musicians. She is outspoken about the original diaspora of Roma people in India, the Middle East and Spain, inspired by Tony Gatlif’s cinematic depiction of the same subject, correcting the limiting belief that Roma culture belongs only to the Balkan countries and also establishing the belief that Domari and Romani people are one and the same people but with two various diasporic journeys across Europe and the Middle East.

Dasha founded The Naughty Witch in 2018, a mental health and support community project for survivors, especially survivors of domestic violence, religious trauma and gender based violence. This pertains the tribal and rural violence that women face within the Roma community across the Middle East, Asia and Europe.