Mr Cornel Craciun

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Roma Traditional Craftsmen


My name is Cornel Craciun and I represent the Association of Roma Traditional Craftsmen and
Merchants from Romania, an association made up of 400 members who come from the guilds of
potters, silversmiths, furriers, woodsmith and many others.
This association was founded in 2011 with the main purpose of organizing and being able to
negotiate with the state bodies the conditions of participation in fairs and carnivals in order to
promote our products manufactured by us.
During this period we organized a series of fairs and cultural events (you have them detailed in the
CV of the association) meant on the one hand to promote these practices undertaken by Roma but
which have become part of Romanian culture and on the other hand to encourage new generations
of craftsmen – making it easier for them to sell their products so that they do not have to turn to
other areas of income-generating activity.