Mrs Alunica Lepadatu

Country of residence

United Kingdom




freelance film editor, producer, journalist


I gained my BA degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, while was acquiring practical experience as a host of “Petalo Romano” TV show on a national broadcast channel in Moldova.
Further, my education within Roma Access Program at CEU, Hungary, gave me an insight of the international Roma situation, which empowered me to continue defending the rights of my Roma people on European level. I started using my journalistic skills within international projects for researching issues faced by Roma, and publishing the outcomes in media.
While remotely continuing my research activity, I relocated to the UK and simultaneously practiced social work for vulnerable groups of people. I started collaborating with a Gypsy, Roma and Traveller’s (GRT) charity in the UK “GATE Herts”, creating video content for their online platforms and taking part in social film-making, by producing “No-racism” video clips. Meanwhile, I was writing articles for the British online magazine “Traveler’s Times”, covering Roma topics.
At the moment I am a freelance video blogger, who realised my small project of the “Roma Reality *show” due to the ERIAC Arts and Culture Program support.