Mrs Alicia Krupsky

Country of residence

United States






Born and raised within a Sinti show-business family in America, I grew up drawing on pamphlets in church pews, napping on coats backstage. I sat and watched Mom, Dad, Nanny and Pop-pop, uncles and aunts, and echoes of extended cousins perform for crowds big and small, all while absorbing the kaleidoscope of culture across the United States.

I spent two years at Interlochen Arts Academy, where I was trained in fine art practices such as painting, drawing, construction, fiber arts, installation, and sculpture. At the School of Visual Arts in New York, I leapt into storytelling and incorporated said training into the producing and directing of my own films.

Most of my work wrestles with the concepts of truth, emotional release, art traditions, escape, the hustle of American life, the light footedness of Roma culture, and cartoon logic.

My work is highly interdisciplinary, ranging from video, performance, and animation; down to traditional practices such as textiles, oil painting, and sculpture. Said techniques often overlap to create a stimulating spectacle with a heart of cathartic realism. This combines my personal traditions of visual art with the cultural traditions I grew up with: theatre, music, and performance. I draw the viewer in as an audience member and a family member, allowing them to be entertained while asked deep, spiritual questions, as if sitting around a fire with family and friends.